viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Composition: me, myself, my future...

My name is Celia and I am 19 years old. Unfortunately I haven't got any brothers or sisters but I have lots of cousins.

When I was four I started doing Rhythmic Gymnastics and I used to train very hard for all important competitions. This sport was my life as I was very competitive, but due to my studies I had to stop training. The discipline I was taught during all these years really helped me to study hard too.
A few years ago my coach asked me if I would be a judge at the local competitions and I agreed. It was a great way to stay in touch with sport.

Choosing a teaching degree was easy because I love children and everything connected with education. If I hadn't chosen this degree I don't think I would have gone to University so I hope that I will be a good teacher.

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